Robert Smythe

Rob has B.Sc., B.Ed., and MSc degrees. He taught secondary school science, mathematics, and music for forty years, physics being his love. He conducted band and choir, directed musical productions, and performed in bands, choirs, and on stage. He is author of textbooks, novels, and iPad/iPhone apps. He lives in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada.

Anker 1886

Never Stop Learning


I learn something new every day of life. It might be an item in the news or a fact in a magazine. It might be an unfamiliar piece of music or a revelation from my children or new grandchild. Perhaps I discover a new technique for expressing myself by reading someone else's story.  

I had the best job in the world--teaching, and although I have retired from full-time secondary school teaching, I look forward every day to helping writers get published. Each day I try to review and edit one or more short stories and chapters by young writers on several online forums. Some become clients, and we work together to bring their creation up to publication standard. If I can be of service to you, please contact me.