Robert Smythe

Exercise your brain with Witty Words. Find the word from the clever clue. Perhaps the clue is an anagram; perhaps a charades-like puzzle; perhaps a hidden word or a word that sounds like the answer.

Clues are similar to those in cryptic crossword puzzles, but hints are provided and examples to help you solve them. 

Ever wanted to be able to solve the cryptic crosswords in the newspapers? WITTY WORDS will teach you how to do it.

Privacy Policy

WITTY WORDS is a free ad-supported app. For a small fee, ad removal may be purchased from Apple’s App Store. The App collects no data regarding which users purchase the add-removal feature. 

The App links to no websites, with the exception of  the App Store if you wish to remove the advertisements, and Google as the source of the ads.  The user’s current progress through the various questions in each category is saved on the  user's device, but no data leaves the App.


Game for iPad and iPhone