Robert Smythe

MaxiVersi is a free ad-supported app. The App collects no information from users. The App links to no websites, with the exception of Google as the sources of the ads. The user's game statistics are saved on the user's device within the App, but not transmitted anywhere.

A new look for a traditional game. The game Reversi, also promoted as Othello by Mattel, is played by millions. VeriiVersi brings new life to this old game.

VeriiVersi offers a dozen scenarios to challenge Reversi lovers. 

Where the original version begins with two markers of each color on an empty 8 x 8 board, VeriVersi provides different starting configurations and board designs.

Some involve obstacles--blocks or walls. Others involve interesting or random starting configurations.

Each allows for new strategies for the beginning and expert Reversi players alike.

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