Solitaire Game


iPad and iPhone


Rob Smythe

Latest Version: 2.5


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BID EUCHRE is a free ad-supported app. For a small fee, ad removal may be purchased from Apple’s App Store. The App collects no data regarding which users purchase the add-removal feature. 

The App links to no websites, with the exception of  the App Store if you wish to remove the advertisements, and Google as the source of the ads.  The user’s game scores are saved on the user's device within the App, but not transmitted anywhere. 

Bid, play the hand, set options

Robert Smythe

News: some users report that the game stopped working after updating their iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS operating system. After deleting Bid Euchre from the device and downloading the latest version, users have reported everything is OK, except for a slight delay before cards are dealt the first time.

Also, you might have to turn off nighttime display options for the game to display properly.